Remembering Pearl Harbor

And not the really (really) bad movie either…

While it was 65 years ago, it was as FDR succinctly put it, “a date which will live in infamy“. National Geographic has a well done special feature site commemorating the event, be sure to check out the “attack map” feature for a timeline and map display of the days events. If you have ever been to Pearl Harbor you can’t help but feel the intensity of the place, much like the American cemetery in Colleville de Sur, Normandy.

The Japanese attacked not only Hawaii on this day in 1941, but also Hong Kong, the Philippines, Midway, Guam, Malaya, and torpedoed American ships on the open ocean. Hawaii is behind the west coast by a couple of hours so it was 1:10 pm east coast time when the battleship Arizona was destroyed and noon the next day when Roosevelt gave the speech that called on Congress to enter the United States into WWII, a war which would ultimately take the lives of his own nephews, Quentin and Theodore Roosevelt Jr., who are buried next to each other in that cemetery in Normandy.