Technorati named 2007 Technology Pioneer

Congratulations to Dave and the team for this honor, it is well deserved. I have known Dave since Linuxcare and consider him a good friend; I am always pleased to see him if not for the constant enthusiasm he beams then for the perma-smile that he wears. Technorati started out with big ambition and over the years few companies have matched the breadth of service offerings they have developed, and all through it they have faced some huge challenges that would have caused most companies to wilt but Dave pushed forward with disarming candor and good intentions. If I sound like I am gushing with praise, well I am because this is exactly the kind of company we should be honoring in this business and not for how much money they make or how big their personal jets are but for the impact that their services and products have had.

Sifry’s Alerts: Technorati named 2007 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Profiled in Time Magazine:

Today was a pretty busy day! Technorati was selected by the World Economic Forum (yeah, the one that meets in Davos, Switzerland every year!) as a Technology Pioneer. I was blown away by this, as it is a pretty high honor – only 47 companies worldwide were selected, and it means that I’ll be heading for Davos early next year for the conference.

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