Mac Geekery – How to View TiVo Recordings on Your Mac or iPod

I’m sure that pretty much everyone except one group of constituents is unhappy with this. For Apple it means that iPod owners can break free of ITMS for video content and for the MPAA it means that consumers can take their video content with them and not pay any “license” fees for the right to watch content that is broadcast free to them to begin with, and for TiVo it means more scrutiny from an industry that already doesn’t trust them, as well as the minor fact that their DRM has been cracked.

The one group of people that is happy about this – consumers. Viva la revolution! Ecosystem are not meant to be walled off and accessed only with toll roads.

Mac Geekery – How to View TiVo Recordings on Your Mac or iPod:

This article discusses a method to automate the process of getting the files off the TiVo and into Front Row/iPod format. If you just want to convert a single file then just run tivodecode on the TiVo file and you’ll have an MPEG-2 file that VLC can play. If, however, you want to make a media center that does everything for you and keeps anything from one show to everything the TiVo records, then you should read on.

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