5 thoughts on Caught cheatin’ … on ethics test

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  2. Ok let me see if I understand this. The only thing that we know, based on your source, is that someone claimed they heard other people in their class discussing the exam with students who were going to take it.

    So this is a “self reported” allegation, in which no wrong doing has actually been proven?

    And this story, which has been heavily reported in conservative media outlets including Rush Limbaugh, becomes a national story?

    Is there any analytical evidence that Columbia has ethical standards below any other major institution?

    This is a non-story and even if it was true, which the story you reference doesn’t indicate, this is still an anecdotal report that doesn’t prove anything.

    What is the incidence of cheating nationally? How often is it reported? Who knows? If those things were known, and it turned out Columbia stood out from the average, maybe that would be news.

    Why has this story been so heavily reported in conservative print, radio, internet, etc?

  3. I wasn’t aware that it had been heavily reported in conservative media, but given the animosity that Columbia has generated in conservative circles it would not surprise me. I really don’t know if the story is true or not, although in looking at the way the test was structured – take it at any time over a 36 hour period – it would appear that the test itself was not the real test, if this is true.

    I only linked to it because Mark Crofton, who used to work for me, is a Columbia B-school grad and I like to poke him whenever the opportunity presents itself. BTW, Mark writes the Village View blog that if referenced in the trackback above your comment.

  4. Thanks, that provides some helpful context.

    I like a good debate as much as the next guy but I don’t get how some of the smallest things become fodder for political jabs. Especially when there are so many large, important issues to snipe about! 🙂

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