Google Checkout works most of the time…

This quote from Google’s PR person in response to criticisms about Checkout not working is probably not the best way to respond to critics. When it comes to a financial system, working most of the time is not good enough and Google should know that. BTW, my wife did use it to buy something online (and didn’t experience any problems) but when I asked her about it she said “well yeah, they gave me a $30 discount to use Google Checkout so of course I used it”. Google obviously sees value in buying marketshare but I am left wondering about retention when the only thing a recent user can say about it is that they gave her a big discount to use it. | 11/28/2006 | Google Checkout rings up gripes:

“There are thousands of merchants who are not having any problems,” responded Megan Lamb, a Google spokeswoman.

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