Off to Ireland for a couple of days

I’m outbound to Ireland today to speak at the IT@Cork event, my topic is pricing trends. I am looking forward to meeting Tom Raftery in person, having up until know just talked via email or phone with him.

That I am speaking on pricing trends is somewhat interesting if for no other reason than this is not something I have been called on to talk about at a conference. I’m excited because the timing is great, we are going through a series of exercises on pricing for Teqlo and this has made me more committed than ever in the SaaS delivery model. I say that not because of the usual reason thrown around but because SaaS offers a software publisher a great range of options to build a revenue model with, and none of them are mutually exclusive of the other meaning there are a great many ways to make money versus the old “license and maintenance” days, which to give credit to was never that simple to begin with.

I’ll post my presentation online as soon as I write it… thank god for 11 hour flights! 🙂

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