I’m done with Digg

Digg really is an innovative site but I’m finished with it. They didn’t let me down, or change the terms of service, or suffer outages, or lose users,… Digg just isn’t doing anything for me to make my day easier. I’m finding this with a number of “Web 2.0” sites, after the initial enthusiasm wears dull I’m left with a big “so what” feeling that I can’t escape.

I met Kevin Rose once on a panel we both spoke on, I was impressed by his ability to say something really interesting as a matter-of-fact and for his humility over the success he was enjoying. Also, for what it’s worth, he seemed to grasp the social significance of the technology he created (for $12k mind you), but while I can appreciate and admire that I am still left with the “so what” feeling.

Sites like Digg were at one time promised (not by Kevin but rather by commentators on “the street”) to be rich information stores that could be mined and presented in many different ways through the efforts of a cottage industry that would spring up in response to the opportunity. Just like RSS readers condensed the process of reading the daily news, in their case feeds, into a single point of contact process, Digg and Techmeme (which I still very much like btw), among others, would offer new ways to discover information relevant to me. Today I realized that far too much crap, which I admit is a subjective measure, is being posted on Digg and I’m just not getting anything out of it anymore. Basically, when the front page features a good number of youtube videos you pretty much have to admit that it’s easier just to go to youtube…

In all fairness there are a number of very interesting utilities that have been created for digg, some from Digg Labs and others from the “community” but most of them really are just gadgets to make it easier to 1) use Digg, 2) game Digg, 3) put bright shiny things on Digg.

Maybe when applications develop that tie Digg with other information streams and have a realtime ability to collect and display as I’m working in other apps, or give me news based on things it infers I’m interested in, then I’ll be back.

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