Vista won’t require anti-virus software

Jim Allchin says Vista will have all the security you need so you won’t need antivirus software anymore… I am announcing today that I will no longer require oxygen. In either case the claim is one that requires a big leap of faith to believe in so Allchin is probably better off waiting until the operating system actually ships before making such a claim. At any rate, the UI looks really nice.

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6 thoughts on Vista won’t require anti-virus software

  1. No more AV, extra firewalls, extra browsers, do I still need to type? Does it (Vista) run the the computer as well (I have to say I like the MS PDA commercial)? This claim sounds a bit like you don’t need Word anymore because you already have Notepad and how don’t need Photoshop or Gimp any longer because now you have Paint. Probably a nice feature for the average home user, so they have some protection, but I guess the rest of us will still use an extra version that can be customized and you actually understand and can decide on what it is doing.

  2. Personally, I think only stupid people get viruses. I’ve never had one (well, I did once via a floppy on a Mac SE well over a decade ago). I use CP and have anti-virus but don’t see what the fuss is all about. Except stupid people, they need to be saved from themselves.

    BTW: Jim’s statements were mis-characterized above. Makes for good copy. Try another spin here:

  3. Sounds like it is approaching the security level of OS X back in 2001 then Jeff.

    I have been running OS X machines since then with no Anti Virus software since then with no infections.

    I just hope jim is correct in his assertions.

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