Vista won’t require anti-virus software

Jim Allchin says Vista will have all the security you need so you won’t need antivirus software anymore… I am announcing today that I will no longer require oxygen. In either case the claim is one that requires a big leap of faith to believe in so Allchin is probably better off waiting until the operating system actually ships before making such a claim. At any rate, the UI looks really nice.

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Management Consultants

Read the whole post, he pretty much nails it…

Joel on Software:

The whole fraud is only possible because performance metrics in knowledge organizations are completely trivial to game. The best part is that most management consultants, the stunningly good-looking, bright, earnest chipmunks with 4.0s in Russian Lit from Harvard who work for these companies, have absolutely no way of knowing this, so they can go through this whole exercise without even knowing that they’re doing it! They get all the way through the 2-year associate program on their way to MBA school without even realizing that they haven’t done a goddamn thing about productivity, all they’ve done is caused a fairly pointless transfer of wealth from ExxonMobilConoco to BainMcKinseyGartner’s senior partners. And it’s a lot of fun! First class flights to Houston and Oslo! Helping the world be more productive! Rock on, young stunningly-good-looking Management Consultant.