6 thoughts on Create security through increasing danger

  1. This is a great example; though I would call it “Create security through increasing accountability”, since to me this is an issue of accountability vs. control. And I think this definitely has application to the non-physical world.

    Too many systems, either physical or online, use a control model instead of an accountability model. In many cases, it makes more sense to make users, or in this case drivers, accountable for their own results.

    I think this actually does have a lot in common with the principles that make wikis work. If you look at these quotes, with minor modifications these are the same things people say about switching from a controlled publishing model with lots of up front road blocks to a wiki model with monitoring and accountability.

    “I don’t like rules which are ineffective and street furniture tells people how to behave.”

    “If motorists are made more wary about how they drive, they behave more carefully.”

    “You drive more slowly and carefully, but somehow you seem to get around town quicker.”

    Though I’m not surprised that this systems works, I am curious why the town of Drachten seemed to be so open to this idea.

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  3. I’ve been advocating such a system for years. Coming to a light or stop sign, no one in or near the intersection, “Is that guy not going to just get through it? ”
    And, “Why don’t they just allow drivers to make these decisions themselves?”
    We’re perfectly capable of seeing , of timing, of judging, being beings who’ve navigated these situations innumerable times, evolved from an intelligent species that had to jump from limb to limb impeccably, having traversed the centuries avoiding calamities by our quick reactions, movements, jugements.
    One more reason this works isthat there is a reduced frustration factor at work when one is not rushing to beat a stop light, or cussing someone out (to onesself) for not just getting moving out of a stop sign.
    Hey why not put everybody in touch vocally with all the traffic within, say, ten yards? A radio device could allow poeple to say, ” Nice day we’re having, isn’t it? ” and, ” Ooops, sorry” or, “”I’m a bit lost, but I think this is where I turn”

  4. Go to a big city in Vietnam and you see how well this system works. It doesn’t. Traffic overwhealms it, and it ends up a free for all with frequent accidents. Just how would you turn left on a busy street? In Vietnam, they do it by heading into the left lane – AGAINST traffic. It’s the only choice, and not a good one. Nice thought, but it needs more time to cook.

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