Riya’s launches Like.com

Riya launched Like.com today, a new commerce service based on photo searching. I got a demo of the service a couple of weeks ago and it left me impressed and excited, if not a little bit concerned about the economic impact I would surely soon be facing.

The basic idea is this: enable someone looking at an image to isolate and select key elements, like shoes, jewelry, and fashion accessories and do a search for things “like it”. You really have to try the service to see how it works.

Other elements that are interesting to consider from a strategy standpoint are how they took over 100,000 celebrity images from Getty to populate the site with, thereby not relying exclusively on “user generated content” as a means of stimulating searches.

Like.com is a model for how web 2.0 companies should approach their markets: tightly define their shooting range, appeal to their prospects emotional triggers and behaviors, and deliver functionality that delights.

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2 thoughts on Riya’s launches Like.com

  1. Really interesting site – they have healthy competition though. Check out http://www.chezimelda.com Chez Imelda, a shoe store launched by London based PIXSTA. Comparing the two approaches, i think the Chez Imelda site is a bit more compelling from a purist shoppers’ perspective, though Riya’s celebrity function is great fun for a while.

  2. I don’t see how chezimelda and like.com are competitive… what chezimelda is doing, as far as I can tell, is the same thing that other shoe merchants do, group individual products together based on type. What like.com is doing is enabling a search function based on the images, as in “I like this hardware on this handbag” or “I like the heel on this shoe” and then generating a search based on that attribute. Quite honestly, I think Zappos.com has a better experience than chezimelda, but that’s just based on a quick look-see a that the site and clicking through some items (I also see that zappos is a merchant in the system, as they should be).

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