Workday begins its work day

Workday has been one of the most anticipated product launches of the year, if for no other reason than Dave Duffield is driving it and everyone knows that Duffield has an eye for what works with products. It’s really a shame that Workday passed on the opportunity to brief the Irregulars prior to their PR blitz today, if they did talk to the group they would have gotten a hell of a lot of good feedback without all the ring kissing that so many media folks seem to be doing over this.

From what I read I have to say that I was disappointed for no other reason than the missed opportunity that this seems to be. For example, pricing based on number of employees in the system when they could have implemented a pricing scheme that pivoted on consumption of the system and what people were actually doing with it. It’s a hosted environment so they could even benchmark this across their entire network and price it based on where customers where in relation to each other – value pricing aimed at improving the performance of individual accounts. But that’s just brainstorming… the point is that they seem to have settled on what everyone else was doing.

If enterprise 2.0 is really just enterprise 1.0 delivered with SOA then what’s the point? Speaking of new vs. old, I just don’t get why anyone would think that this company or any other is going to rip-and-replace anything ERP out of the top 20,000 global accounts in the next 5 years. That investment has already been made and it works, customers are not going to entertain pulling the plug on a system they spent millions of dollars and a few years implementing. Go find new markets, enable businesses that have been ignored by traditional enterprise software vendors rather than talking about SAP/Oracle, but be careful because Microsoft has one hell of a SMB offering with Dynamics Live.

Speaking of nuts-and-bolts, in reading the press material there was the waterfall of buzzwords and catch phrases that everyone else uses. They could have summed it up as “we’re trying to do what everyone else is doing functionally but on top of a service bus (ESB) and delivered as multi-tenant hosted” and I would have gotten it.

I would love for Teqlo to team up with Workday to deliver service components to casual users to drive consumption but I’d have to see more of it before I could make any determination about what’s in it for us. BTW, don’t get me wrong and think I’m down on this launch, I just think they missed a great opportunity to be truly disruptive by attacking the business model as much as the technology, and in the end I, like many others, will be anxiously awaiting more details on the products as they become available.

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Three design principles–agility, ease of use and ease of integration–pervade Workday’s software, Bhusri said. The application looks more like a consumer Internet site than a traditional ERP application, includes native reporting and analytics and has liberal doses of Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX, Flex and search, he explained. In addition, Workday is working on integration with Microsoft Office and teaming up with Accenture.

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Blackout in Europe, what will Der Spiegel Say!

Huge blackout in Europe over the weekend, it originated in Germany.

A German utility confirmed it caused a weekend outage that left millions of people in several countries without power, but denied Monday that the blackout revealed a lack of investment in Europe’s power grids.

I now step into my time machine and travel back to that period following a massive blackout in the northeastern U.S. and what Der Spiegel had to say about that. (here’s the non-translated version)

“BLACKOUT IN AMERICA – The dazed world power was plunged into chaos by the largest blackout in the super power’s history: Cities in the dark, planes on the ground, and a nation marching single-file like geese through the darkness. The land of limitless opportunity was shut off by a couple of exploded fuses. A world power between perception and reality – SPIEGEL TV with observations from a country whose lights have gone out.”

I believe the word is schadenfreude.

Teqlo Inc. » Widgets and Gadgets!

I posted more thoughts on widgets over on the Teqlo blog.

Teqlo Inc. » Widgets and Gadgets!:
The basic premise of Teqlo is the notion that widgets and web services of all kinds form the foundation for a new generation of applications that are assembled by users for users. Coincidentally, Tim O’Reilly came out with a report on Web 2.0 Best Practices that is an update to the original Web 2.0 manifesto over the weekend and something that Dion Hinchcliffe summarized (because I’m too cheap to pay $400 for the O’Reilly paper) caught my attention:

“Innovation in Assembly: The Web has become a massive source of small pieces of data and services, loosely joined, increasing the recombinant possibilities and unintended uses of systems and information.”

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Spring Widgets

i am up at Widgets Live! today

Fox Interactive Media launched Spring Widgets today. By way of background, FIM is the parent company of Myspace and part of the larger Fox Media company (as you might have guessed) but they also have an interesting portfolio of gaming companies. With 120 million visitors each month they are clearly a major online media concern.

In the presentation there is one slide that offers a glimpse at why this widget movement is appealing to media properties, they effectively extend content delivery capabilities and offer the potential to tie together users across multiple media properties. The other announcement they are making today is a partnership with Feedburner to enable custom RSS clients based on the Spring Widgets platform, which is a good move considering that Feedburners entire business is focused on services to content publishers.

The technical guy is doing a demo and it’s pretty good. You can put a widget in their visual development tool and then upload it to a service, in this case myspace. This is very similar to sidebar widgets in blogs, as an example, but where they go a little farther is by enabling anyone to take the widget and drag it down to the desktop.

The widget development environment is delivered as an extension for Flash, which is pretty smart on their part because this is a very rich visual environment and is widely supported. I’m not a developer so I can’t speak to the specifics of the development tool other than to say that it seems well thought out and not complex. I will say that they get points for demoing the actual development of a widget (although I’m not really sure why they thought this would be good to demo like this).

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Wikipedia Hijacked to Spread Malware

interesting way to create a vulnerability out of a feature.

Wikipedia Hijacked to Spread Malware | News on Antivirus & Security Internet | India:

“The good news is that the authorities at Wikipedia quickly identitifed and edited the article on their site,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. “Unfortunately, however, the previous version of the page was still present in the archive and was continuing to point to malicious code. The hackers were thus able to send out spam pointing people to the page on Wikipedia, and try and lead them into infection.”