Peter Rip Joins Crosslink Capital

Peter has left Leapfrog Ventures to join the team at Crosslink. I can tell you from my unique vantage point (Peter is my investor) that this move was handled exceptionally well. There were no surprises and everything was done with full transparency and with great care.

A bit of personal news. As of November 1, I have joined Crosslink Capital in San Francisco as a General Partner. At one level the move is a small transition. I move from two additional VC partners to five. My practice has been centered on early stage, Internet services and software. That’s exactly what Crosslink wants more of.` So nothing major changes, except my commute. So why the change? In a word – Relationships.

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Apple and Wal-Mart: Still Thinking Different?

Another one of the grassroots-but-backed-by-fat-lobbyists-aka-organized-labor groups has a beef with Apple because Jobs & Co. is considering a deal with Wal-Mart to give them a cut of the online music and video business Apple is building. It’s not that hard to imagine where I come down in this debate, but I do think it would be fun to have the same group run a separate campaign encouraging Wal-Mart to not do business with Apple because that company is not “green enough” while Wal-Mart has pledged to go green itself. Oh yeah, I forgot… this really isn’t about “issues” now, is it?


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