Google Acquires JotSpot, Socialtext Provides Free Migration

Google acquires JotSpot and what ensues is surely to be 2 years of confusion while they figure out what to do with it, how to handle customers (they shut off registrations for new accounts), and what the impact to their existing product strategy is. This is a great opportunity for Socialtext to provide a safe harbor for Jot customers who are concerned about their future under Google. You can migrate your data out of Jot today and into a Socialtext workspace with no cost, upfront or hidden, it’s that straightforward.

Google Acquires JotSpot, Socialtext Provides Free Migration | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki:

Socialtext, the first winki company, announced today a free hosted wiki program for JotSpot customers following that company’s acquisition by Google. Socialtext will migrate JotSpot wiki content and provide one year of Socialtext Professional hosted wiki service to any JotSpot customer who signs up by the end of November 2006. While most JotSpot customers are small-to-midsized businesses, this offer is extended to deployments of any size.

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4 thoughts on Google Acquires JotSpot, Socialtext Provides Free Migration

  1. I hear eTouch SamePage is also offering a migration path for free.

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  3. This seems like a not-so-subtle the sales pitch for Socialtxt.

    Has google really botched up the services of acquired companies that bad before?

    Don’t get me wrong, I just started testing out Socialtxt, and find it to be pretty solid so far, and I plan to check out JotSpot again as soon as I can get access. If anything I think Jotspot will really gain some points with the larger clients, as they will see the reliability of google behind them.

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