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Dave Dargo is not happy with Oracle for announcing Red Hat support.

Sometimes you just have to call bull*&#% on something and Oracle’s announcement on Linux is as great a candidate as any I’ve seen lately. Most of the pundits and analysts will focus on what this means for Red Hat and their valuation. In fact, Red Hat’s stock price was off 15% in after-market trading after the announcement.

Dave makes a compelling case on the economics as it relates to databases but misses a big point that Oracle is leveraging with this deal, which is that CIOs want to deal with fewer vendors not more so if Oracle can come to them and say “applications, check, database, check, operating system, CHECK” well that’s a pretty good proposition to be selling into.

Whether or not Oracle is doing this to deprive Red Hat of oxygen is unclear, as is whether or not this will be appealing to shops that are not already Oracle db customers. Personally, I doubt that it will be that appealing to non-Oracle shops but that won’t slow down Oracle. Dave’s arguments against this are largely based on the economics of Oracle’s database… fine, but we’re talking operating systems here.

The open source community painted this picture and now Oracle is adding their own signature, I think it’s a little disingenuous of Dave to cry foul when Oracle is doing nothing but taking advantage of the model that the open source companies proudly promote as their advantage.

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