Oracle Smells Fresh Enterprise Web 2.0 Blood

Jerry sums it up pretty well. To answer Jerry’s question directly, it’s not about people wanting to pay $50k for a “tarted up version of Fusion” but rather Oracle having to sell it for $50k because their economic model doesn’t support selling it for $50 a month.

Enterprise Web 2.0 » Oracle Smells Fresh Enterprise Web 2.0 Blood:

I’m no software expert by a long shot but I really don’t see why anyone would pay $50,000 per CPU for a license to use a tarted-up version of Oracle Fusion Middleware when so many clever subversives on the edges of organizations are already doing all these cool Web 2.0 things now for pennies a month and there are so many really sensational, and far less expensive, enterprise-level integration solutions available or in the works.