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Great example but it really only works when 1) there is a critical mass of people paying attention to the wiki workspace, and 2) they are comfortable editing the pages. This is the biggest challenge for deploying wikis in the enterprise, the first is largely mandate but it also hinges on putting the resources to kickstart the wiki so that there is something for everyone, and the latter is cultural.

Sales Meets Wiki | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki:

Last week, a prospect asked me for a comparison between Forums and Wikis for creating a community. “Good question,” I thought, “do we have any collateral on that?” A quick search of our corporate wiki didn’t show anything promising. So I posted a wiki page called “Forums vs Wikis” with a few starting comments and the purpose of the page, knowing that our team of 30 constantly watches the “What’s New” section of our wiki. Within four hours, five team members, including engineers, had contributed to the wiki page with numerous revisions. I had basically a final version that I simply exported as a Word doc, tweaked with final formatting, and emailed to the customer.

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