Is Airport Extreme gonna get upgraded?

I tried to purchase an Airport Extreme base station over the weekend, both Apple stores (University Ave. and Stanford) were out of stock and I checked Microcenter when I went out for lunch today and they didn’t have any either. Lot’s of Airport Express but no Extreme. Apple usually flushes specific products out of the channel when an upgrade is coming, has anyone heard about upgrade rumors for this product?

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Microsoft seeks premium to allow virtualization of Vista

One more reason to not use Vista… I honestly don’t know what Microsoft is thinking here other than placating their hardware vendors. Again, this strikes me as a case of doing a solid for the vendors at the expense of the users. The really troubling thing about Microsoft’s penchant for strong license management is that they will know exactly how your copy of Vista is implemented…

AppleInsider | Microsoft seeks premium to allow virtualization of Vista:

In its licensing terms for Vista published this month, the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant said users of Vista Home Premium and Vista Home Basic “may not use the software installed on the licensed device within a virtual (or otherwise emulated) hardware system.”

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Audi Wins Big at ALMS on Diesel

Audi just did something really extraordinary. They ran a new generation of race car in the American Le Mans Series, an 8 race season, and won every race. In three of those races they placed both their cars in a 1-2 finish. What is extraordinary about this you ask? These race cars run on diesel.

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Sales Meets Wiki

Great example but it really only works when 1) there is a critical mass of people paying attention to the wiki workspace, and 2) they are comfortable editing the pages. This is the biggest challenge for deploying wikis in the enterprise, the first is largely mandate but it also hinges on putting the resources to kickstart the wiki so that there is something for everyone, and the latter is cultural.

Sales Meets Wiki | Socialtext Enterprise Wiki:

Last week, a prospect asked me for a comparison between Forums and Wikis for creating a community. “Good question,” I thought, “do we have any collateral on that?” A quick search of our corporate wiki didn’t show anything promising. So I posted a wiki page called “Forums vs Wikis” with a few starting comments and the purpose of the page, knowing that our team of 30 constantly watches the “What’s New” section of our wiki. Within four hours, five team members, including engineers, had contributed to the wiki page with numerous revisions. I had basically a final version that I simply exported as a Word doc, tweaked with final formatting, and emailed to the customer.

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Oracle Finally Taking Linux Plunge?

This rumor has been floating around for months, indeed, I kicked off the last cycle just a few months ago (for the record, my sources on that last rumor were some Novell executives and I triangulated it against a separate inquiry made by 2 people in the trade media – in case you wondering where rumors come from). I think that what you will find when you dig into it and talk with people who have strong Oracle sources is that this is legitimate and it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”. Ellison wants this badly to cover the one area of layer in the stack that he doesn’t have and Microsoft does, and SAP would not. The idea of a pre-configured hardware/software appliance is smart, one that these large vendors have been minting a lot of coin with.

The one question mark about timing I have was raised by Brent Thill at Citigroup when he told me to look at the agenda for OpenWorld to see how many sessions were devoted to anything at the operating system; the result is something like 23 out of the entire agenda versus over 90 for business intelligence alone, as a comparison. You would think that if they were going to introduce this at the conference there would certainly be more attention paid to it in the sessions. BTW, that’s why Brent leads research at Citi, he thinks about looking at stuff like this when almost everyone else would never have thought to.

Lastly, maybe the most compelling reason why Oracle will team up with Ubuntu is that they will get control of that billboard on 101 next to their exit on the freeway. For those of you not familiar with the area, this billboard literally has Oracle’s headquarters buildings framing the background and IBM used this billboard to poke Larry and Co. with a sharp stick for almost a decade, now Ubuntu has it.

CIO India – Oracle Finally Taking Linux Plunge?:

Rumors are swirling yet again that Oracle wants to get cozier with Linux and at least one financial analyst says customers can expect a tighter Ubuntu Linux-based appliance from the database and application vendor by the end of the month. Neither Oracle nor Ubuntu could be reached for comment for this story.

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