Would you pay $1,200 a year for a calendar?

Trumba, the online calendar sharing and syncing service, has instituted a price increase… they started out as free, then went to $39.95 a year about a year ago, now they are bumping the price again, this time to $99.95 a MONTH. Now there’s price optimization strategy at work.

Clearly they are abandoning consumers with this pricing strategy, but I really have to wonder if they are not also boxing themselves into a very small corner with this one-size-fits-all pricing strategy.


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6 thoughts on Would you pay $1,200 a year for a calendar?

  1. I run a non-profit. We just received the information on the price increase. I think they must have an awfully lot of interested corporations out there because they are going to loose quite a few of us smaller clients.

  2. There must also be a lot of rich people out there to pay this kind of money for a calendar :-).

    Anyway, any recommendations on a simple file sync service? I have some files on my home macintosh and need to sync them to my work pc. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could use – instead of emailing the files back and forth to myself?


  3. Couldn’t help chiming in. I won’t promote…just checkout http://www.cozi.com. And let us know what you think! It’s real. It’s solid. Outlook sync will be there soon. And we have no plans to ever charge for it…

  4. Trumba has chosen an interesting revenue model. There’s definitely potential here. But, I think there are better models.

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