Apple kills it…

What an awesome quarter they put up. If you are a competitor in the iPod arena you have to be sitting back and wondering what you could possibly do to slow them down. From my humble vantage point it would appear that nobody is going to out-do Apple in this product segment, and the integration of ITMS to the iPod all but guarantees they will continue to gain share. If I’m a competitor I am probably either going to cede the market to them and hope they stumble, or possibly stoke the anti-competitive fires that broke out in France over the inability of ITMS to interoperate with other devices.

Lastly, the Internet has probably been a bigger blessing to Apple than any other hardware company because it ultimately erased any platform advantage that came from having application developers support you. In other words, we buy so little actual software applications that it is no longer a disadvantage to be on the Mac platform. Indeed, with the security issues that have run rampant in Windows-land, and the continued perception of stability issues I would say that it’s actually a benefit to be on the Mac. Microsoft has so much riding on Vista at this point that I almost feel sorry for them, especially given this little tidbit revealed in Apple’s financial call:

Apple Profit Up 27 Pct., Beating Views:

A little more than half of the 323,000 computers sold in Apple’s retail stores during the quarter were to people who had never owned a Mac before, Apple’s chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer said during an analyst conference call. “We were thrilled by that,” he said.

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Would you pay $1,200 a year for a calendar?

Trumba, the online calendar sharing and syncing service, has instituted a price increase… they started out as free, then went to $39.95 a year about a year ago, now they are bumping the price again, this time to $99.95 a MONTH. Now there’s price optimization strategy at work.

Clearly they are abandoning consumers with this pricing strategy, but I really have to wonder if they are not also boxing themselves into a very small corner with this one-size-fits-all pricing strategy.


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