MySQL goes Enterprise

There are a bunch of new features that make MySQL more secure and more reliable, and therefore even more “enterprise ready”. It’s ironic that so many people at SAP complain about sending revenue dollars to Oracle on the database side of the house, yet the one company that can truly disrupt Oracle’s database business is MySQL and SAP can’t seem to get it together to get a deal done (Walldorfitis at work). On top of all that, SAP is an investor in the company so they stand to gain in more ways than just depriving Oracle of database dollars. This one thing frustrated me more than any other issue.

Open Sources | InfoWorld | MySQL goes Enterprise | October 16, 2006 10:43 PM | By Dave Rosenberg:

MySQL Enterprise is available as an annual subscription in four different tiers (Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum.) Existing (and new) subscribers gain access to new management tools which Marten described as “leading edge.”

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Interesting gmail feature

You can append “+something” to a gmail address and it still comes through… for example, “” would still be delivered to my inbox. So why would you want to do this? I don’t have specific use case examples but filtering is certainly one scenario. The other interesting use would be to use this to see what email lists are being sold… for example, if I use “” as my login for I would be able to determine who they are sharing their list with, if they even are, based on the frequency by which I get email addressed to that alias.

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