Salesforce’s Apex: Choosing Safety Over Velocity

I think the reason why is because SF is approaching application development as a form-based and database-driven exercise.

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What I don’t get is why chose to create a strongly typed, compiled language. Okay, I do get it, because they hint at their reasoning in their introduction to Apex presentation. They want Apex to be safe. It’s a multi-tenant implementation, after all. But hey, the fact that their database and implementation is multi-tenant should be transparent to the end users. If my company runs Salesforce, so what if the company next door does too?

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The best of Office 2.0

I posted some thoughts over at VentureBeat on what I thought were highlights of the Office 2.0 conference last week

Venture Beat Contributors » The best of Office 2.0:
In fact, I was gratified to hear a range of people saying (out loud mind you) that this isn’t about Microsoft at all but rather evolving the next generation of productivity applications that have great context to what people do in their everyday jobs.

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