Lotus Notes – The Asbestos of Enterprise IT

Rod is in a dogfight with some folks at IBM. Honestly, I don’t know much about Notes other than implementing it and writing some apps for it back in 1995’ish. I really doubt that the Lotus Notes of 2006 is much like the 1995 version, so I won’t comment on Notes itself. I can’t tell you whether or not Rod is right or wrong on the facts here, but I think he is more right than wrong just because he has been living with Notes as a user rather than someone selling it; I also know that IBM has a real franchise in Notes which means they are going to fight tooth and nail to protect it. Having said all that, it really seems that the Notes supporters are making an error in attacking Rod rather than arguing the facts, finding common ground, and agreeing to disagree on other points… can’t we all just get along? BTW, did I mention that Rod is a Lotus Notes customer?

Innovation Creators: Lotus Notes – The Asbestos of Enterprise IT:

If I am right that Lotus Notes faces a real threat from a new generation of Enterprise 2.0 collaboration tools, then it is easy to understand why both IBM and people with an extensive personal investment in Lotus Notes / Domino are going to do everything they can to forestall that change; including shooting the messenger.

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The People at Ramcolo are a Bunch of Idiots

For a couple of months now I have been receiving email from various addresses at ramcolo.com. It’s pretty clear they confused my gmail address with someone else and for whatever reason they keep ignoring my frequent requests to stop sending me stuff. So far they have sent me:

1) one Windows XP Pro license key (which I may use if I install Windows on my Intel mac via Parallels)
2) IP addresses for servers they maintain
3) admin passwords
4) various price quotes

But the kicker was when my email address was added to a system that sent out automated server status and error reports. I thought the Irregulars could cause a pretty decent mail storm but they have nothing on this system. I was getting dozens of emails every day. It never stopped, I had to add the offending email address to my blacklist.

I have emailed them on several occasions alerting them to the problem and have encountered nothing but silence.

The funny thing is that I get e-mails all the time for various “jnolans”, I guess it’s an unfortunate side effect of scoring a really good gmail address. This happens with enough frequency that I have actually gotten to know some of these people, which so far include a Josh Nolan, Joe Nolan, Joan Nolan, and another Jeff Nolan (he’s a poet or something… he’s waiting for jeffnolan.com to expire so he can grab it!). I have received emails with everything from board materials from a church to digital photos of a vacation (nothing salacious). It’s usually pretty easy to clear it up, and has resulted in a couple of good laughs… in fact, Joe Nolan and I have more than the occasional email asking if something either of us has received is for either of us.

Who would have figured that gmail would unite all the jnolans of the world.

Salesforce strives for the on demand Apex

Dan wrote a really good post on what Salesforce.com is cooking up with Apex, a significant build out to Appexchange (or maybe it’s really the other way around).

» Salesforce strives for the on demand Apex | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com:

As I wrote about last week, Salesforce.com has added significant new capabilities to its APIs with version 8.0 and the programming language. Developers will be able to create stored procedures, with up to five-level database joins in a statement, across entities hosted in the salesforce.com environment without the need to call external Web services. For example, clicking on button or link could execute logic that checks sales opportunities, looking for the biggest potential deals and those that haven’t been addressed for a specific period, and then schedule appointments and send out the appropriate emails. In addition, workflow, real-time messaging, improved integration hooks, an AJAX Toolkit are part of the new development platform.

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