Google Reader Gets Upgraded; They Hit a Homerun

Google Reader has never been on my shortlist of tools for blog reading I use, after all it’s pretty hard to beat NetNewsWire and Feeddemon. However, with this latest upgrade of the service I have to say that it may in fact become my primary reader.

It’s fast and the UI (especially in List View) is very cool, however the thing that really got me interested are the tagging features. You can tag posts and generate RSS feeds off these lists, AND you can tag and share headlines which are then used to build a separate web page with your shared items, and of course you get an RSS feed for this as well. If all that wasn’t compelling enough, your shared page can also be clipped and dropped into your blog via a nifty little chunk of Javascript.

Hats off to Google, they got this one right.

Official Google Reader Blog: Something looks… different.:

As of today, Google Reader has a new look — and even more important, a lot of new features that we think you’ll like. We’ve listened to your feedback, done usability research, and examined all the ways that people consume content on the web, from feed readers to email clients. With a clean interface and some JavaScript wizardry, we think we’ve built an application that accommodates a wide range of reading styles while being fun and easy to use.

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Double take

Here’s the headline for the story:

Thanks to Graf, Agassi rackets stay in the family

Now coming from SAP my first thought was not to think of professional tennis.

Investigation to Look at Facebook

Looks like Columbia University really is serious about taking action finding who is responsible for the suppression of free speech last week. We’ve seen this snowball up in the last year with Facebook and Myspace profiles increasingly being targeted by employers interested in learning about candidates without the veneer of just a resume, I wonder how long it will be before we see people losing their job or appointment because of something they put on Facebook.

Investigation to Look at Facebook – News:

Columbia will review information and images posted on students’ Facebook profiles as part of its investigation into Wednesday night’s Minutemen brawl, a University spokesman confirmed Thursday evening.

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