How to take one sentence and miss the whole point of the post

I should have known that when I wrote that post the whole “east coast doesn’t get it” thing would get blown out of proportion. It’s like our industry’s version of east coast vs. west coast hip hop, Tupak vs. Notorious BIG, August Ventures vs. Charles River. Actually it’s a lot less colorful than that, but you get the point.

Simeon, I said it was a generalization. I’d suggest you reread what I wrote, get beyond the east coast thing, and then write about new selling, delivery, and economic models instead of “AJAX is not new”. And no, it’s not about better marketing either.

Lastly, in reading Barry’s post I really don’t see how he was disagreeing with what I wrote, in fact he was echoing what I was saying, that this next phase is less about big new invention and more about pushing the envelope on web services. Composite applications. BTW, Barry is one of the most rational people in enterprise software so I don’t take it lightly when he either agrees or disagrees with me.

Further, we have on the whole yet to realize the benefits of SOA — which to me boils down to the easy and secure composability of business applications. You can talk all day about service discovery, fine/coarse granularity, security models, etc. — and make no mistake these are important — but the value is in the agility that rapid app composition gives to the enterprise.

UPDATE: Read Sadagopan’s post, he gets what I was writing about.

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