Momentum Conference This Week

IBDN is hosting the Momentum Conference this week, Sept 27-28 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. They are offering a discount on the registration for bloggers, $625, which is a $170 savings by booking through this link.

The Momentum Growth Conference honors the industry leaders dominating the next stage of the growth cycle—who’s who of private companies with real customers, revenue, partnerships—and the vision to make it to the next level. Experience the kind of business advice you thought you could only get from high-priced consultants with no real-world experience.

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Day 1

I started my new job today; it reminded me of when I showed up for my first day at SAP a long time ago, everything from figuring out the best commute route to how the voicemail system works. The one thing that is different this time around is that I really do know what I need to get done here, as opposed to my role then which wasn’t well defined and had a “make it up as you go along” quality.

On a related note, I want to thank everyone who commented on my “last day at SAP” post, I was really taken aback by the comments and it made me feel very good. I also greatly appreciate the emails and phone calls offering support and help in my new gig, which I will no doubt be taking advantage of.

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