Still blogging

I have received more than a couple of emails asking me if I was quitting blogging following my last post about leaving SAP. No.

The reason for my silence since last week is simply that I’ve been in NYC and have not felt like writing. However, I do have some posts brewing in my head about enterprise 2.0 (or whatever version is in fashion now), surviving the software economy, brands and my experience with United’s Ameniti service, and a few more. Stay tuned, I’ll be back to writing tomorrow.

4 thoughts on Still blogging

  1. any truth to the rumors that you’re new gig is replacing John Bolton at the UN (would explain the timing of your trip to NYC)?

  2. How long are you in NYC for? I missed you at SAP TechEd, but I would love to meet up for a drink while you’re in town!

  3. Take your time off. This will help you avoid blogger burnout.

    When you get back to blogging, I would like to hear about your Amenti experience. I am a long time United flyer and was wondering if there is any value in joining that.

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