Startup Review Blog

Nisan Gabbay of Sierra Ventures has a really interesting concept with his Startup Review blog. Here is a description in his own words:

Startup Review features weekly, in-depth case studies on successful Internet start-ups. The companies profiled will have achieved either: a) significant exits, b) large revenue, and/or c) strong Internet brands. Each case study is based on interviews conducted with early employees of the company. The case study analyzes what strategy and product decisions made the company successful, including a section on launch strategy, exit analysis, and additional resources.

This by itself would be nothing new or innovative, but what Nisan is aiming to do is capture the social aspects of blogging to elicit input from others to analyze and contribute to the case study. Think about the value of having a single case study with commentary not just from the author, but potentially investors (although they are typically a pretty quiet bunch), the entrepreneurs, competitors, and experts of note.

Personally I think this kind of project is better suited to a wiki, but given the momentum that blogs can establish with wide readership, feeds, and search engine exposure, it probably does make more sense to do this as a blog.

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