Nokia to baptize phones by name rather than number

gee, I wonder what marketing wizard at Nokia figured out that product names like “Chocolate” are more powerful in the market than “7360”. The really remarkable thing about this is that Nokia felt it necessary to come out with a press release about this a mere couple of days after they released new handsets with, you guessed it, numbers as product names.

Nokia to baptize phones by name rather than number – Yahoo! News:

the world’s top handset maker, said on Thursday it will give new phone models a name rather than a number, following the success of rivals with model names like RAZR and “chocolate.”

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SAP BusinessOne – the analysis

Dennis put together a thoughtful analysis of SAP’s BusinessOne product offering. For those of you that are not familiar with this product, it is the result of an acquisition we made and features a complete SMB product offering for accounting, MRP, and CRM with additional functionality for retail storefront, logistics and wholesale distribution. I’m not doing it justice, but in all honesty I really don’t know the product that well.

The big ding on B1 is that it is another on-premise solution, and talk of a services-based, presumably hosted, is still just talk, but even that fact doesn’t appear to have slowed the adoption of the product. Another side effect of the fact that this is not a hosted solution is that we have been able to recruit a substantial roster of resellers in a variety of vertical industries, clearly this is something to consider if you are in the mid-market.

AccMan / SAP BusinessOne – the analysis:

SAP can rightly claim it is the only vendor at this time to offer a (near) complete, end-to-end, process driven solution for its target market. E-commerce is sophisticated enough to handle returns and can be set to create POs if there are stock outs plus operate in both B2C and B2B markets.

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