VentureBeat Launches (Again)

Matt Marshall, the San Jose Mercury News journalist who covered the venture industry, has left the Merc to strike out on his own. Matt is a good friend of mine and I started harassing him about blogging from the day I took it up; I felt great pride from afar when he and Mike launched SiliconBeat and it became one of the top blogs in the tech world. In retrospect, it’s probably not surprising that they would transition to blogging so well and be very successful at it, they are journalists who know how to take a concept/idea, ask questions, dig up data, and package it as a well written story.

Matt launched VentureBeat, the successor to SiliconBeat, on a new site last week. Unfortunately, the surge in traffic and a few other issues overwhelmed the server and it was down all day on Thursday and Friday. I talked with Matt on Thursday night and the series of issues and decisions he went through getting this launched and dealing with the server after it went down is something that will eventually make a great series of posts that all entrepreneurs will find useful, he does have a good post offer sage advice here.

VentureBeat is back online and everything looks stable, I definitely recommend you add it to your blogroll and feed aggregator.

On another note, there is an interesting trend underway in media where journalists who establish a brand in the blogsphere are going independent. In the “old days” I guess this would have been called going freelance, but before blogs you were still beholden to the media properties for distribution, today jouranlists like Matt, Om Malik, and Michael Totten can establish their own online only dstribution, monetize it, and and manage their brands independent of any media property. Federated Media clearly sees this opportunity and is building a network that enables these brands to more effectively monetize their properties. Look for this to be a continued trend that serves to reshape media in many ways.

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  1. It requires a certain mindset and not everyne can do it, regardless of how smart they are or how good they are as writers. Good luck I say to those who have a go. I’ve been freelance for 13 years but then I’m unemployable so not a lot of choice 🙂

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