Project Icebreaker : DB and Linux as Appliance

From the Q&A it appears that this is an attempt to simplify database and operating system management by integrating the admin consoles, as well as stripping out parts of the OS that are non-core for DB operations. This is probably going to be most successful in the “M” part of the SMB market, where there is limited IT capability and attention paid to minimizing IT expenses. If Ingres is successful at delivering a DB software appliance (interesting how this term has morphed from combined hardware and software to preconfigured software sans the hardware), they could have a winner providing they are able to developer application support on top of it.

Ingres Corporation — Project Icebreaker FAQ:

Ingres is announcing Project Icebreaker, an industry first, proof of concept that combines the Ingres database with the Linux operating system to create a database software appliance.

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4 thoughts on Project Icebreaker : DB and Linux as Appliance

  1. Interesting idea although it makes me wonder- how many small businesses want to buy a piece of hardware that they cannot multi-task on. If I were running a small business, I would want my server to run a couple of apps, at least. BTW, Oracle and Dell have been selling a pre-configued database box for a long time. It probably makes sense in mid-market. I wonder how the Ingres appliance is different? Faster, cheaper, easier-to-manage? All of the above?

    Thanks for the post- sometimes I learn more about Oracle from your blog than any of the other sources. 🙂

  2. Bravo to Ingres for putting this on an appliance. The Linux distro doesn’t matter — what matters is that Ingres can support and tune this puppy. I think that more ISV’s should release their apps as appliances, and protect the IT folk from having to integrate with a ‘corporate standard’ distro.
    Anshu does bring up a good point regarding the need to multi-task on a DB box. Although I think it is generally a dumb idea, there are people who need (and want) to colocate other apps on their databases. Perhaps if this applience was released as a virtual machine as well…..

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