API URL Switch Breaks Apps

I noticed that my Cocoalicious app was running in offline mode and bookmarks I was sending to the app were not being posted in I recalled that went through some service upgrades recently and thought that this may be the reason that I was having a problem… of course you would never know that by looking at’ blog or anywhere else on their support page. I discovered on the Cocoalicious blog a post that confirmed the API switch and related problems with the app, as well as a quick workaround.

That should change their API, or in this case create a new API that breaks the previous one, is totally unacceptable. If you as a software or service publisher are making APIs available the presumption is that third parties are doing something with them, and that fact then puts the responsibility on you to not break their app with subsequent API changes. In the very least if you do make a change you should try to figure out what consequences are in store for people who use your service (and in this case there are 2 well known Mac apps for posting and a Firefox extension… it’s not as if this would be a big deal to investigate as part of their QA process).

Welcome to the world of web services and what that brings with it.

BTW, as an aside, one of the things that SAP does as part of the NetWeaver certification process is commit to third party application developers that if they are using certified APIs we promise to support those APIs fully intact for 2 subsequent releases from the current version.

UPDATE: Yahoo! did provide notification and warning of the API switch, as this post on the blog indicates. It was my error to put this all on them.

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So, it would appear that the API URL has changed recently, and that it’s causing problems with Cocoalicious. I was able to solve the problem simply by opening Cocoalicious, going to Preferences, changing the API URL to:

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