Well that sucks…

I guess my Intel Mac running Camino doesn’t qualify. A better way to do this would be to have a blacklist of specs that null you out, e.g. 80386 computer or IE5.1 (is that even a version?). What about mobile devices, is AOL eliminating this part of the market with their “spec police” approach? Guess so, dumb.


On Being Fuzzy

“Google is fuzzy because we yet not know, Microsoft is fuzzy because we do.”

This is quite possibly the most insightful comment in the entire thread about the double standard that exists for how bloggers treat Google vs. Microsoft. I won’t wade into the debate about the double standard, which there clearly is, but it’s no different than how bloggers treat Apple vs. Microsoft or pretty much anyone vs. Microsoft.

Some would suggest that Microsoft has an image problem, but that is far too simple and likely less of a cause of this, more of a symptom. Whatever the cause, the simple fact of the matter is that people think they know what Microsoft is all about, much like they do with SAP (if they are even interested in our $400 billion a year market). We’re fuzzy from the moss growing on us, not because anyone wants to touch us.

How do large companies become exciting? Stop trying would be the only meaningful advice I could offer. This is not to say there is nothing to get excited about, it’s just acknowledging reality… big companies aren’t exciting because we pretty much know what they are all about, at least we think we do, while small companies (and it’s funny to use “small” when describing Google) are exciting because we simply don’t know what they won’t do.

I mentioned Apple previously and they are clearly not a small company. What makes them the exception is Steve Jobs, a CEO that is a force of will and someone who never wilts when the opportunity to be a maverick or a disrupter presents. Apple is exciting because Steve Jobs is exciting.

Back to Scoble’s point about the double standard… the blogosphere is never going to treat Microsoft with an even hand regardless of how many good things the company actually delivers. At some point Google will be in the same position and we can bring this up again.