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I’m on the board of directors for a school KIPP Bayview Academy in San Francisco, it’s a truly extraordinary school helping some of the most disadvantaged kids, economically and educationally, in our society. The cornerstone for the KIPP philosophy is taking responsibility for one’s self; the one thing you won’t hear at any of the 46 KIPP schools around the country is the blame game… children blaming their school, parents blaming teachers, teachers blaming administrators, administrators blaming government, and so on. KIPP schools are public schools within public schools, they take what public schools have in terms of resources and deliver superior results. Here’s a great segment on Oprah about the KIPP philosophy.

The KIPP model works, when the 5th grade class enters the Bayview Academy (KIPP is grade 5-8, we are teaching 5-7 at Bayview) they are underperforming SF Unified’s mean and by extension the rest of the state by a wide margin, but by the end of the 7th grade these kids from the Bayview (one of SF’s worst neighborhoods) are outperforming every other public school in SF and outperform each of the 6 other urban school districts in California.

Here’s a segment on local news about KIPP Bayview, please consider supporting KIPP Bayview Academy and KIPP across the country.

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