Enterprise 2.0 is same as Web 2.0

Anshu followed up on the Enterprise 2.0 post I wrote on Monday with his own post. Despite being in the employ of the opposition, Anshu and I get along quite well and his comments on enterprise 2.0 reflect the reality that this is not some vendor specific scheme being cooked up and sold by the truckload… in fact one could easily argue that the technology implications of enterprise 2.0 are the least of anyone’s worries. I think that Anshu and I agree that the real implications of this stuff are how it’s sold and delivered, who is buying it, what their expectations are, and lastly, how a single vendor plays in a larger ecosystem.

Anshu’s Blog on The Business of Software: Enterprise 2.0 is same as Web 2.0:

If Enterprise 2.0 looks, feels and behaves like Web2.0 then why is it so hard. It is not hard, its hard for the existing enterprise applications that will in five years be legacy just as client-server applications became legacy and mainframe apps before that.

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Office 2.0 2006 Conference

Ismael’s Office 2.0 conference is shaping up rather nicely, the dates are Oct 11-12 and the venue (here in SF) will be announced shortly. The list of sponsors and speakers (including yours truly) is impressive (minus yours truly) and I’m hoping that this will be a great opportunity to realize Enterprise 2.0 on the ground with actual companies and customer examples rather than just powerpoints (or should I say Thumbstacks!).

Office 2.0 2006 Conference – Conference:

The first Office 2.0 Conference is organized by IT|Redux, and brings together Office 2.0 companies, early adopters, investors, industry analysts, and journalists. The goal for the event is to collectively build the foundation for Office 2.0, investigate technical challenges, and showcase practical applications. Most importantly, it will be an opportunity for like-minded people to meet and network with an elite group of visionaries and industry leaders.

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