Appeals court refuses diplomas for 20,000 who failed exit exam

Every once in a while a single sentence can convey such a great deal of common sense that it is worth a moment of silence before continuing to read on. Judge Freedman’s decision concerning the case of 5%, 20,000 students, of California’s 2006 senior class who did not pass exit exams and therefore failed to receive their diplomas is one example of this. Giving these young adults diplomas even though they didn’t demonstrate minimum competency in math and English language would only serve to teach them that they are not responsible for their own development and it doesn’t really matter what the requirements are when you can do less and still get by, and of course it also demonstrates to the 95% of their peers that what they worked for really isn’t that valuable at all.

Appeals court refuses diplomas for 20,000 who failed exit exam:

“A high school diploma is not an education, any more than a birth certificate is a baby.”

I Switched to Chocolate

Got a new phone yesterday… an LG Chocolate although I didn’t get Verizon’s phone, I opted for a unlocked handset that I’m using on T-Mobile (because they have such crappy handsets). I’m a sucker for advertising, the Verizon commercial with the big beat and the dripping chocolate covered handset pulled me in, but it was all the viral ads on YouTube and the hundreds of reviews of HowardForums (HoFo for phone geeks) that really sold me. This should be a lesson to every technology company, you are selling trends and fashion, and building word of mouth and “virality” in your campaigns is critical to your future success.

Jeez, even the packaging that this phone came in was cool.

IMG_5894.JPG IMG_5895.JPG

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