Blogs in the enterprise marching forward

Take a look at our new daily news service (sorry, it’s an internal system for SAP employees). Not only is it tracking a wider array of blog content but it’s also delivered as a blog and a RSS feed, but you wouldn’t necessarily know it but looking at it and that is exactly the point… it just looks like another internal service. The prior version of the Early Bird that this replaced was antiquated and, speaking for myself, I never used it because it was e-mail only and the piece that had the links was delivered as an attachment.


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Sony struggles to make PSP more appealing

Jeez, it’s not like I haven’t written about this before

Rocky Mountain News: Web extra:

But somewhere on the way from announcement to the hands of gamers, the PSP dropped the multimedia ball. Now, a year and a half and 4.6 million in sales since the PSP’s launch, Sony is striving to revive the non-gaming functions of its svelte player, heeding the cry of PSP owners who say they want more from their portable.

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Step into my Vox

I’ve had a Vox blog (Six Apart’s new service) for a couple of months and have posted very little to it, mostly just some photos. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting service that is well done and nicely integrated with other services like flickr, amazon, youtube and photobucket.

Best of all is that I scored a killer url – – which is something I’ve been coveting ever since Clavier got!

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