Software’s Sky is Not Falling

Last week on there was an op-ed piece by Guy Smith titled “Is Enterprise Software Doomed?“. Guy’s piece had a dramatic title but the conclusions reached in the piece were pretty sound, essentially that enterprise software wasn’t doomed but rather experiencing a rebirth of sorts at the hand of a number of interesting trends in the industry. The enterprise software bloggers group that I belong to, the Enterprise Irregulars, debated, debunked and agreed with a number of claims made in this piece and at some point Sadagopan suggested we write a group rebuttal to the sandhill piece. So a number of us did just that and put them online tonight.

The thing that is really interesting and exciting about this exercise is that, aside from the fact that it makes me a much better thinker, we are treading on the turf traditionally held by industry analysts. The Irregulars are a motley crew no doubt, but they are also well experienced in every aspect of enterprise software and have years of experience added on to the average analyst. This group is also not afraid to challenge assumptions and play the devil’s advocate, which makes for lively discussions in our google group. This co-op of bloggers in cutting a new path in the blogosphere, banding together not with economic or commercial ties but rather for the intellectual stimulation of it and to bring attention to an area of technology that doesn’t get a lot of attention in the rest of the blogosphere. | Management | Software’s Sky is Not Falling:

I belong to a group of bloggers called the Enterprise Irregulars. We analyze the software industry from a variety of perspectives, that of software company executives, services providers, consultants and investors. Our common denominator is many, many years of watching companies, technologies and customers come and go from fashion in our rapidly changing industry.

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