Meebo Repeater

I guess the blocking of Meebo’s site is a big enough problem for them that they created a repeater server to work around it. Too bad it’s Windows only. (Thanks Luis).

meeblog » meebo repeater:

For various reasons, there are cases where access to meebo is restricted. We’ve found out that this leads some people to look for alternative, more creative solutions to gain access. A number of meebo users have started using third-party proxies and this caused us to worry a bit. Proxies are ripe for phishing attacks and the chances of an unknown agent sniffing your conversations or stealing your passwords are significantly increased. Reliability is questionable and privacy becomes a major concern. The technology can be abused in ways that compromise the security of your session.

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  2. I just installed Meebo on my blog and am also running Meebo inside the Camino browser window (on Mac). Works just fine.

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