EarlyStageVC: Business Model, Schmizness Model

I’d love to comment on this in detail, but I am feeling a little brain dead this morning so all I’ll say is that I think Peter has hit on something meaningful with his post about business models. Having said that, it has been my observation that when most people ask the “what is your business model question” they are really asking “how closely does your idea of how you are going to make money match to my own opinion.”

EarlyStageVC: Business Model, Schmizness Model:

Hopefully some will find this useful as a checklist. There is nothing Web 2.0 about this framework. And there shouldn’t be. Business is applied microeconomics — Web 2.0 or pest extermination (perhaps a poor juxtaposition – I need an editor.) Anyway I feel better for having shared my quick and dirty model of a business model.

Business Model Levers
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