Zooomr and the Case of the Missing Photos

I have been uploading photos to Zooomr for about a month and have generally liked it even though the features were pretty sparse. Then they decided to upgrade to version 2.0. I don’t think the upgrade went exactly as planned considering the service was offline for days with only a “countdown” page stuck on 1 second to show for it. I understand from reading their blog that they were hit with a DDoS attack (lot of that going around lately it would seem) and then had some technical glitches. Okay, that stuff happens and is totally forgivable.

I finally got into the service today, and all my photos were gone. I would have to say that this upgrade is not working for me.

UPDATE: Zooomr saw my post and fixed my problem (all my images were there, they just didn’t get merged into my upgraded account). I appreciate the quick response and most importantly that they fixed the problem without any residual issues. Well done.

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