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Tom Cole from Trinity Ventures is a newly minted blogger, and I expect great things from him. Aside from the fact that he is a friend and I think very highly of him, he gets social media and web 2.0; he’s behind a couple of really interesting startups, including Wetpaint. Now for the interesting part, Tom isn’t blogging about the venture business or technology… he’s blogging about food! Awesome, way to be a disruptor.

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6 thoughts on New VC blogger – Tom Cole

  1. Does WetPaint have webblogs? Maybe he can create a Wiki about food?

  2. Julia, I think of it as somewhat of a hybrid of wiki, blog and forum-like features. From a functional point I’d say it’s more wiki and forum, appearance-wise a blog.

    I’ve talked to the team and know that they plan to enhance the blog-like features, but for now it lacks a few of those that are vital to bloggers, namely the traffic-generating ones (pinging, trackbacks ..etc). So for now I think if a blogger wants true interactivity, the best way is to link the wetpaint site back to the blog, and occasionally publish on the blog what’s happening on the wiki side. I’ll do that soon on my blog.

    Tom could have an awsome food side with a blog/wiki combo… Ahhh.. Bon Appetite:-)

  3. Hi Zoli, glad to see the brotherhood is out there:) How are they currently using tags? Are their webblogs included in the wiki page? Do they have a page include feature? Sorry for all the questions, just curious about your thoughts..

  4. Hi Julia, Well, we’ve been the Botherhood, the Bloggerhood, now The Irregulars 🙂

    There are no separate blog and wiki pages, and they really don’t view it as such, in fact you may notice they don’t even use the “wiki” term as such, although that’s what Wetpaint is under the hood.  What they really strive to be is the simplest way for anyone to quickly create a web-site and then allow others to collaborate, creating “communities”.  There are elements of wikis, discussion forum, and blogging in the product, imho the blogging part is the one that really needs additional features.

    You can tag every page, search on tags, and there is a cute tag-cloud in the sidebar, but it’s all internal, tags are not converted to Technorati ..etc (see my remark on blogging features.)

    You can link to internal/external pages, upload photos, videos, but I don’t really know about page include… i.e what you mean by that.   There is no signup list anymore, yuo can just self-register and create your site, I think that’s the best way to figure all this out .. then come back and teach us 🙂 

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