I want my IM at work!

My lifeline to my IM contacts while working at the office has been cut off! That’s right, in their attempts to sanitize everything that could be innovative and productive, SAP’s IT group has decided that Meebo is a security risk and blocked it. The blocking of Meebo is the latest in a long line of corporate IT actions made under the guise of “security” but I’m convinced that they simply want to eliminate those things that make the ordinary SAP employee’s work life easier, like Google/Yahoo Desktop, and Copernic (they do provide a package for MSN Deskbar, but I can tell you from experience that MSN Deskbar is one shit awful product when compared to the others). To rub salt in to the wound, the link referenced in the image below points to a list of hyperlinks to all the blocked sites… what exactly is the point of deliberately linking to sites that you are blocking?


17 thoughts on I want my IM at work!

  1. Kool… that worked. Of course, it’ll probably be blocked by tomorrow.

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  3. Meebo still works out of the NY office. (of course, now that I’ve blabbed I’m sure they’ll block it globally. )

  4. I’m walking next door to let my friend Seth know. I am sure he’ll give SAP a call being the Yalee that he is….

  5. Perhaps if you actually possessed some technical skill you would know how to get around this and not have to complain, but it is obvious you don’t perhaps a career at 7-11 is for you.

  6. Agent Smith,
    I’ll look into that 7-11 option. Tell me, do they give you good benefits? How are the hours? Do you like your manager?

    BTW, I never proclaimed to possess any technical skill.

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  8. which office are you out of? My guys in the NYC office also don’t have an issue with Meebo being blocked.

  9. I have to say (without sounding like too much of a dinosaur) that I can’t IM – it jusy sucks up waaay too much of my time. I almost NEVER launch it!

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