Gartner Group: Hype Cycle Special Report

Gartner’s hype cycle series is out and it provides some interesting reading. The “web technologies” report in particular offered some surprises, such as RSS Enterprise being at the peak of hype… honestly, how many enterprises do you know that are talking about leveraging widespread RSS in their enterprise? A lot for sure, but not so much as to rise to the level that Gartner is suggesting. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that Gartner’s peak cycle is:

1) on the rise
2) hype peak
3) in the trough (of disillusionment)
4) climbing the slope
5) the plateau of productivity

With the peak cycle in mind, I suppose you could argue that web 2.0, RSS, semantic web, mashups, et. al. are at the peak of hype and preparing the slide into the trough. Historically, technologies in the trough tended to stay there for a while, off the top of my head I would say as much as 18 months, but in the case of many of these web technologies I am wondering if that phase is actually a lot shorter for the simple reason that the technology itself isn’t complex (generally speaking) and the implementation of it is pretty straightforward meaning that the gating factor is largely limited to the ability of enterprises to identify and deploy interesting use scenarios.

Also interesting is the Application Integration and Platform Middleware report. Take a look at the technologies in the “on the rise” category… largely a bunch of new names for old concepts.

Hype Cycle Special Report:

Welcome to the Hype Cycle Special Report for 2006. This year, we assess nearly 2,000 technologies and trends across 80 IT topics, markets and industries to provide you with the most comprehensive assessment of technology maturity in the IT industry.

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WordCamp 2006

Maybe the “camp thing” is getting out of hand, but I really like the idea of a camp for WordPress. It will be interesting to see how Automattic’s interests are represented here, as opposed to simply the WordPress community. I don’t know Matt and have only traded e-mails with Toni, but from what I hear they are really solid citizens.

WordCamp 2006:

Saturday August 5th, 2006
Someplace in San Francisco, CA. Suggestions?
To figure out the next generation of publishing on the web.

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Blog performance

My blog was pretty slow today (for the last couple of weeks actually). My trusty hosting provider,, suffered a DDoS attack at the end of June and more recently was the victim of a major power outage in Utah (where they are located) that outlasted their backup power and then caused server issues. Whatever the reason, it will come back at some point and I’m just not going to get frustrated about it.

Microsoft Tells Google To Keep Off Corporate Search

Really? Then why did it take an acquisition to get a decent search product for Outlook, Microsoft is a distant 3rd in desktop search (see post below), and lastly, WinFS isn’t going to be part of Vista? Honestly, I didn’t even know Microsoft had a enterprise search product.

Search Engine Journal » Microsoft Tells Google To Keep Off Corporate Search:

“Those people are not going to be allowed to take food off our plate, because that is what they are intending to do…. Enterprise search is our business, it’s our house and Google is not going to take that business.”

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Analyst: Oracle-IBM Partnership Could Challenge SAP

Forbes is reporting that IBM and Oracle are going to enter into a strategic partnership. SAP drove $8b in IBM revenue last year, making SAP their number one partner… I really don’t think IBM would be in any hurry to screw that up.

– This announcement was taken directly to Ginny Rometti (IBM Global Services Leader) and a response was requested. Our contacts at IBM inform us that Ginny Rometti states the claim is unsubstantiated and there is no Oracle IBM announcement pending.

– Our IBM SAP Alliance leaders have contacted the IBM Oracle Alliance leaders and they are also unaware of any pending announcement or strengthened alliance between Oracle and IBM. They have contacted their Oracle alliance leads and they concur as well.

– Since IBM is associated with the announcement and they find it to be unsubstantiated, they are discussing a request for retraction and correction by and Oracle.

– There is speculation that this was propagated by Oracle to parallel SAP Summer Sales Meeting (next this week) and to create a distraction.

I want my IM at work!

My lifeline to my IM contacts while working at the office has been cut off! That’s right, in their attempts to sanitize everything that could be innovative and productive, SAP’s IT group has decided that Meebo is a security risk and blocked it. The blocking of Meebo is the latest in a long line of corporate IT actions made under the guise of “security” but I’m convinced that they simply want to eliminate those things that make the ordinary SAP employee’s work life easier, like Google/Yahoo Desktop, and Copernic (they do provide a package for MSN Deskbar, but I can tell you from experience that MSN Deskbar is one shit awful product when compared to the others). To rub salt in to the wound, the link referenced in the image below points to a list of hyperlinks to all the blocked sites… what exactly is the point of deliberately linking to sites that you are blocking?