Social Bookmarking on Your Intranet

Read the attached post, Seth is really understating the neglect that intranets are suffering from. When is the last time you made a point of visiting your intranet? The big problem is that the groups that manage intranets still think of themselves as in the business of publishing and content management as opposed to community building… not that they are exclusive of one another. My point is that intranets are managed and predictable, therefore largely uninteresting.

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At the Enterprise Search Summit, several speakers made the point that intranets suffer from neglect – especially compared to external websites which are actively managed by people who know their audience and have a huge incentive to improve the utility and user experience of the website.

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2 thoughts on Social Bookmarking on Your Intranet

  1. I believe the best Intranet is the living one, where there (almost) isn’t anyone maintaining it. It’s not a forum to “talk down” to employees, it’s a collaborative space – it’s a wiki.

  2. whether intranet, wiki or whatever, I think this statement from Seth’s posting nails what it takes to make these successful internally:
    “To get people to participate in this way, it needs to be recognized as part of the job or give some immediate personal benefit. People need to want to do it for selfish reasons.”

    Isn’t this also what was motivating our defense industry colleague?

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