Light blogging today

Traveling back from Germany today, so not much blogging. It’s been a rough week, I flew out on Tuesday for some meetings yesterday, which means I went right from the airport to my afternoon schedule and turned around this morning to come back.

I had a really interesting day yesterday, which made my brutal travel schedule worth it, talking about the 3 things that I care most about (professionally): web 2.0, open source, and social media. I have been critical of SAP for a little while now because we don’t seem to be grasping the significance of the first 2 topics on a broad scale, but I have been encouraged to see some changes in attitude lately. Just yesterday we explored, as a rather large group of 40+ people, the significance of scripting languages in our future competitive landscape and then for a bonus we installed and dived into Sugar as an example of how business applications are embodying both open source and new development tools. We also looked at the cultural shift that is occurring with salesforce’s appexchange, which ended up being a pretty lively discussion.

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