What the hell is this?

I was at Stanford and saw this driving around. I’m pretty sure it was a motorcycle mated to a car suspension up front and a custom made body (obviously). It sounded like a motorcycle. Pretty cool, although the F-117 cockpit and the “fast-and-the-furious” wing in back are a bit much.

UPDATE: okay, the back wing had a url for secretmountainlaboratory.com and CMGi decals (which caught attention cuz you don’t hear about them that often anymore!).


SAP Voices: too much plumbing…

This is from a new blog that I have on my internal SAP network (sorry, behind the firewall use only) for SAP “voices” to take advantage of. It’s something new and quite honestly not for everyone, but I have some really strong internal personalities that are blogging on on it and I’m excited to see what conversations we can have.

UPDATE: fixed the link.

SAP Voices: too much plumbing…:

“If we keep talking about the plumbing we’re going to lose the attention of business leaders. And that would be a shame.” – Andre McAfee at Harvard on Enterprise 2.0, but I think it applies to SAP in an equal measure.

Ning’s redesign makes creating social Web sites much easier

I was pretty skeptical of Ning when they first launched, mostly because of my contrarian reflex to dismiss anything that is hyped up to be better than sliced bread. However, over the last couple of months I have had an opportunity to re-evaluate my initial position and am gradually becoming a fan. If anything the potential for anyone to have a toolset that they can use to build applications is a pretty compelling goal.

SiliconBeat: Ning’s redesign makes creating social Web sites much easier:

Each created application stays within Ning, another reason you get the feeling there’s a lot of action. You can search any application with a new search bar. You can also see who is using each Ning app, and can add them as friends in your address book, from within the app. Your profile follows you around as you jump from app to app. A space on your profile lets you connect with friends (see partial screen shot below). Also new are ways to bookmark and build and share new applications.

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10 years after Khobar Towers

Reading this op-ed from former FBI chief Louis Freeh just made me mad.

It soon became clear that Mr. Clinton and his national security adviser, Sandy Berger, had no interest in confronting the fact that Iran had blown up the towers. This is astounding, considering that the Saudi Security Service had arrested six of the bombers after the attack. As FBI agents sifted through the remains of Building 131 in 115-degree heat, the bombers admitted they had been trained by the Iranian external security service (IRGC) in Lebanon’s Beka Valley and received their passports at the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, Syria, along with $250,000 cash for the operation from IRGC Gen. Ahmad Sharifi.

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Microsoft abandons the idea of a standalone WinFS

It’s really too bad that MS has dropped WinFS, to be more specific they have opted to return it to being a database technology. To me the most interesting aspect of WinFS was the promise of have a user defined meta layer (tagging) on top of the file system. This would have created great opportunity for new applications to be developed on top of Windows and realized the goal of having the most innovative applications on your platform come from companies other than your own.

Microsoft abandons the idea of a standalone WinFS:
So if end users won’t notice any difference in Vista’s abilities, what has been lost by WinFS’s repositioning? The people most impacted are developers who were hoping to create new applications that utilized WinFS technology across multiple applications.

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