Investing at the Intersection of Opportunity and Serendipity

Peter and Rafael Bracho came by my office a few months ago (probably about 6) to talk about what they were doing with this concept. As it turns out I had been thinking about something similar, I just lacked the vocabulary to describe it as eloquently as they were able to. Also, at the time I was thinking of services interfaces very much in the traditional context of hardwiring enterprise applications together, basically a better-faster-cheaper way of doing what we have traditionally done. Rafael’s pitch was profound because it obliterated the notion that you had to have well defined business processes at all, and in fact a company could operate more flexibly with a collection of loosely described processes that really were beginning and ending points and some really intelligent middleware that could figure out how and in what order services were linked together.

This post from Peter is also insightful for the errors he admits making while they incubated the company, which point to the larger “issues” facing enterprise software entrepreneurs today.

EarlyStageVC: Investing at the Intersection of Opportunity and Serendipity:

My most important observation from immersing myself in the concept of mashups was the recognition that mashups were just another form of application integration, done client side rather than server side. That launched me in to seeing a potential unification of innovative consumer applications with stultified enterprise applications.

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