Sampa public spaces

I received an invitation to join a new service called Sampa and finally had some downtime to devote to checking it out. My first reaction is that this appears to continue the myspace trend of providing all-encompassing public spaces to the masses.

In addition to the standard web page-like features, Sampa provides their users with photo upload capabilities, blogs, feeds, statistics, and a web module capability that currently has lists and contacts modules. The web modules are the most interesting to me because everything else is pretty much the “ante” in today’s market, but assuming Sampa can provide a toolset to the developer community that enables rapid module development, and of course has some critical mass on the user side of the equation, then they would have a shot at a seat at the table with the other services evolving in this area.

Here’s my Sampa site, there’s not much there right now but I’ll work on it.

This is very much a beta service as is evident by some page not found errors and limited options for personalization. Having said that the admin control panel, while overly complex IMO, does offer a robust management console that represents a different approach than what some of the other services are doing.


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