Panorama Capital CIO Council Offsite Closing Thoughts

There was a lot of good discussion at the CIO Council Offsite I attended today. Rather than give you a long narrative on what I learned I decided to jot down some bullet point notes about what I heard:

1) CIOs are weary of web 2.0 technologies and their ability to create support headaches for them

2) CIOs are enthusiastic about web 2.0 technologies for their ability to create personalized applications for users

3) open source is a mixed bag and the support costs associated with rogue code not supported by a vendor are significant

4) Consolidating systems is a priority but virtualization with software is often more costly than buying cheap hardware

5) All of the new buzzwords are essentially viewed as rehashes of older stuff. In my opinion, there is some truth to this but “this time it’s different” ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, there is broad industry support behind SOA and nobody is going back to the old stuff, and most importantly, it works. I think what is open ended is what ideologies end up winning.

6) CIOs are under real pressure to deliver innovation solutions, but at the same time they don’t feel they have the support to take risks.

7) Lot’s of skepticism about on-demand multi-tenant hosted solutions, but at the same time there is affection for the benefits of such solutions. I think the lack of offline support is the big hindrance.

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Murdoch and Fox bring World Cup to AFN

This is actually very cool, but at the same time it demonstrates some really poor behavior on the part of FIFA for not allowing AFN to broadcast world cup matches to soldiers. FIFA demanded that the Armed Forces Network pay them for broadcast rights before they would allow AFN to air the games to soldiers, sailors, and Marines. As is often the case, when it became public someone stepped up:

The first one to make a move was media magnate Robert Murdoch, who ordered his Fox Network to make arrangements, and pay whatever FIFA was demanding, to get the soccer games to the troops, as soon as possible. This was accomplished in 24 hours.

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Panorama Capital CIO Offsite : IT Trends and Implications for CIOs

I am in SF at Panorama Capital’s CIO offsite meeting, which is a great get together between investors, startups, and actual CIO’s with large enterprise companies. For those of you that don’t know Panorama, it is a pure venture capital group spun out of JPMorganChase, so as you would expect their CIO Council features some well known major brands; in attendance today are CIOs from HomeDepot, 800Flowers, SnapOn Tools, JDSU, Manpower, E*Trade, House of Blues, Audiovox, and Juniper Networks, among others.

The first session of the day is a presentation by McKinsey about the trends in enterprise applications. With only 1 hour this topic obviously isn’t going to get covered in detail so what they did was break it up into 4 major buckets:
– IT budget
– New technologies
– Evolution of infrastructure and architecture
– IT organization

All of these are good topics, although I think I would have attacked this a little differently by focusing on what user are expecting as an experience, how go to market and route to market strategies for vendors are evolving, and how dramatic technology evolution over the last decade have hardened architectures and how customers and vendors alike are benefiting as a result.

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